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Migraine Clinical Trial


Clinics: Manchester

Therapy Area: Migraine

Gender and Age: Male and Female aged 18 - 55


1 in 7 people suffer from migraine.


We understand that there is a need for new treatments, and at our Manchester clinic we are currently running a clinical trial to develop a new drug for migraine sufferers.


Eligible participants will be required to attend a medical screening, a 2-night residential stay, and a follow up visit.


If you are eligible and you decide to take part, you may be helping the development of a new treatment that may help improve the quality of life for many of people.


Up to £805 plus travel will be provided or reasonable travel expenses reimbursed.


Key Inclusion Criteria

  • Male or female aged 18 to 55.

  • Diagnosed with migraines without any warning and typically suffering from 1 – 8 attacks per month.

  • Must be willing to comply with study restrictions and to remain at the clinic for 2 nights.

  • Must be in otherwise good health.

Key Exclusion Criteria

  • Individuals with a significant illness other than migraine.

  • Another current headache disorder.

  • You must not have smoked or used nicotine products within 3 months. This includes e-cigarettes.

Any other information

You will receive a health screen and your General Practitioner (GP) will be informed.