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Major Depressive Disorder - Study 2

Study Name: Major Depressive Disorder

Clinics: Barnsley, Blackpool, Liverpool and Manchester

Therapy Area: Mental Health: Depression

Gender and Age: Men and Women aged between 18-64


Depression can be a debilitating and chronic illness characterised by a broad spectrum of emotional and physical symptoms. Despite the availability of numerous methods of treatment, those suffering from depression are usually treated with one or more antidepressant medications, however, not all patients respond sufficiently well. Therefore, achievement of consistent and favourable long-term treatment methods is still an unmet medical need.


MAC Clinical Research are running a researching a potential new treatment for depression. The study will last approx. 16 weeks long and over that time there’ll be 12 visits.


This current study has a 1:1 ratio with placebo (dummy drug) and you will stay on your current anti-depressant therapy throughout the trial.


A full description of the study will be given before you decide to take part, both over the phone and during an appointment at a MAC clinic. This will include you receiving the full patient information sheet (PIS).

Reimbursement: You will be compensated up to £900 for your time and commitment; plus, reasonable travel expenses or transport will be provided.


Key Inclusion Criteria*

  • Males and females aged 18 – 64.

  • Diagnosis of depression.

  • Taking a stable dosage of eligible SSRI/SNRI.

Key Exclusion Criteria*

  • Diagnosis of another mental health condition that takes precedence over depression.

  • An uncontrolled or unstable medical condition.

Other eligibility criteria will apply. Please contact MAC for more information.


Any other information

Eligible patients will receive a health screen and study participation will be in collaboration with the patient’s treating physician.